April 2017 gastronomic review of the well-known television program MelaVerde

There is an ancient wheat reborn in Padua thanks to the determination of a young farmer, there is extra virgin olive oil, there are also the best local flour produced by the Agricultural Consortium of the Northeast, with the possibility to add that touch more aroma thanks to the beer of the Antoniano Brewery or to the Venetian radicchio. "STRAW". These are the ingredients of the new "Intreccio" breadsticks, all Venetian, produced by a local company, the Crifill of Legnaro, in collaboration with Coldiretti Padova that has created the new business network, a partnership between companies and producers to enter on the market an innovative product that rewards the typical features and potential of the territory. Thanks to the business network, the grissinificio will be able to count on the supply of raw materials, from flours to extra virgin olive oil, from radicchio to beer, for the production of three types of breadsticks.

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